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Genesis 12:2 I will make you a great nation, I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing.

Has God done what He promised to Abram and made His name great?
How great is the name of Abraham actually?

Abraham was the father of Ishmael and Isaac.
Ishmael was the father, generally speaking of the Arab nations out of which eventually came the religion of Islam.
Isaac was the father of Jacob (Israel) and Esau. Out of which came the religion of Judaism.
Israel produced the 12 tribes of Israel and the Messiah Jesus from whom has come the Church of believers – Jew and Gentile and the religion of Christianity.

On the earth at this point in time, the number of people who align with these major world religions are:
Christian 2.1 billion
Muslim 1.3 billion
Judaism 14 million

Whether you agree with the religion or not, 3,414,000,000 people in the world directly relate to Abraham in some way. With currently 7.6 billion people on the earth, that is nearly a half of the world’s population owe their faith to Abraham.

Is the name of Abraham great? Oh yes.
When God chose this simple, relatively unknown man who was living in Haran and asked him to go to the land of Canaan and promised to make His name great, who could have imagined that he would become, the most famous man ever to have lived.

What do you think?

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