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Genesis 12:2 I will make you a great nation, I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing.

Certainly God has made Abram a great nation, blessed him and made his name great. But has God fulfilled his covenantal promise to make Abram a blessing?

The idea of BEING a blessing involves others.
I can BE blessed myself. That affects ME and my family.

But to BE a blessing involves others who are the recipients of my blessing which I choose to give to others.

Let’s look at what Abram, and his nation, and his great name have brought to the whole world.

Well we can look at the physical blessing that Abram’s nation has brought to the world in later days.
Some of the inventions that have come out of Israel are:
Roof top solar panels
Drip irrigation
Usb sticks for computers
Iron dome missile interception system
Development of drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis
Wayz used in GPS navigation devises such as Google maps.
Intel computer chip used in computers everywhere.
Voip telephone systems
Babylon translation
Instant messaging
Mobileeye for vehicles to avoid collisions
Cherry tomatoes
Desalination creating fresh water from sea water.

And there are pages of ways that Abram has been a blessing to our world including the consultation to nations to bring them out of poverty, fresh water to Jordan, the medical assistance in war torn nations like Syria, the rescuing of Christians from life-threatening ISIS persecution, the removal of nuclear capabilities in hostile nations and the only successful democracy in the region.

But the greatest blessing of all, without a doubt, has been the custodianship of the Kingdom of God. The Torah and it’s precepts, the festivals (appointments), the judges, the priests, the prophets, the Kings and ultimately the Messiah – Jesus.

Surely the greatest blessing that Abraham has been to the whole world has been that God’s own son, Jesus (Yeshuah), the Messiah was given as the Saviour of the world, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

What do you think?
Have you believed in Jesus as the son of the living God and the promised Messiah?
Have you given over your life to Him?

If so, give an AMEN.
If not, why not start the conversation with the Lord now?

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