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Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

If this is the first Post that you have read, I’m sorry because you really have come in on the first real negative post on this topic. Please go back and read a few of the previous posts first to realise that God is actually showing His love for us by preparing us all for success if we follow Him – and warning us to avoid certain behaviour.

I really want to look closely again at the Hebrew for this verse.

779 [e]
I will curse

7043 [e]
and him who curses you

Whereas the root word that God uses for “Bless” – “Barak” is repeated in this verse

I will bless (barak) those who bless (barak) you.

It is entirely different for the next phrase.
Two different words for curse are used and perhaps should have been translated a little better to understand the meaning.

The two words are “árar” and “qalal”.

And I will curse (árar) him who curses (qalal) you.

Look at their meanings.

árar’ ??????
to detest utterly; abhor; abominate, to curse; imprecate evil upon; damn; denounce; to bitterly curse.
To lay under a curse, put a curse on, to be made a curse, to be cursed

qalal ?????
To make light of, to trifle with, to treat with contempt, to despise, to make vile, to make of little account, to lightly esteem, to treat insignificantly, to make despicable, to bring dishonour

Well – they are two very different meanings indeed.

Let’s read God’s promise to Abram again using these definitions.

And I will utterly detest, abominate, bitterly curse, damn, denounce and put a curse on him who makes light of you, treats you with contempt, brings dishonour to you by treating you insignificantly.

That’s extreme.

What should we make of that?
Simply – if you make light of, dishonour and despise God’s nation of Israel and believers in Jesus, then you open yourself up to the most utterly terrible treatment from God including being detested, denounced and damned. That adds up to a terrible destruction.

So if I praise and bless Abram, I receive the blessing and protection of God. I am treated well and sit under the hand of His blessing.
If I treat Abram lightly, triflingly, dishonouringly, then the most terrible destruction is headed my way.

What do you think? This is a covenant of God.
I am sure that some will take a stand of argument at this point, but I would say – take an honest look around at what has happened in history and what is happening in the world today. Especially in the Middle East.
And ask yourself the question – are those who are blessing Israel blessed?
And are those who are cursing Israel cursed?

And what of those who are sitting on the fence making up their minds – like the European Union and UN? As a whole denouncing Israel, while individual member nations support Israel.

And what of regimes who have mercilessly persecuted Christian believers – how have those regimes faired and how are those regimes going today?

Well that was a heavy Post -but I feel that the Lord has called us to take a position with Him. What do you think?
Are you with Him? Or against Him?

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