Bible Teaching Series

Ps Greg teaches on various important Bible themes that will help build solid foundations, help you grow in your faith and chart your journey with God for yourself and your family.

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God’s Eternal Plan for Israel and the Jewish People Series

Ps Greg teaches on the subject of the Abrahamic Covenant and how it applies to both the physical and spiritual Kingdom of God.

Ezekiel 37 – The Dry Bones

With a nation reborn, now comes the people.

See why Ezekiel 37  Dry Bone prophecy is speaking of the Jewish people returning home.

See how you can be involved.

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Ezekiel 38 – The Gog Magog War

One of the great battles that must precede the return of Jesus the Messiah

Who or what are Gog and Magog that Ezekiel refers to?
What nations are referred to in this end time prophecy?
What is happening in the world that indicate that these things are happening in our day?

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God’s Eternal Purpose for Israel and the Jewish People

God’s covenant with His people remains an unbreakable covenant

What is the Abrahamic Covenant?
Are the Jewish people still linked to this covenant today even after Jesus came?
Are Christians linked to this covenant?
What should our attitude be towards Israel and the Jewish people today?

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Return of the Jewish People

Is this the greatest sign of Messiah’s coming?

What are the prophecies about the Jewish people coming back home?
What have they to do with what is happening in Israel today?
What are the implications regarding Jesus’ return?

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“The Same Day” – Passover

How is the Passover linked to the Abrahamic Covenant and to Jesus’ death on the cross?

What does the term “The Same Day” mean?

Why is it used to represent the 15th day of the first month throughout the scripture?

What did it mean in Abram’s day? In Moses’ day? In Jesus’ day?

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Justification and Sanctification