The Torah Portion – Sukkot – Feast Of Tabernacles

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Sukkot – Feast of Tabernacles – סוכות

Torah (NKJV)

Torah (with Rashi)

Torah (with Hebrew and Strongs)

Haftarah (NKJV)

Haftarah (with Rashi)

Haftarah (Hebrew)

New Testament (NJKV)

New Testament (With Greek)

Portion Overview

Targum Jonathan (1st Century)

Midrash Sifrei – 200CE

Midrash Tanchuma – 500-800CE

Portion Overview by Video

Torah Portion Lesson
for Children

Colouring in

More Colouring In

Sound of the trumpets – examples on Shofar – Tekiah, Teruah, Tekiah

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Sukkot Midrash

Ps Greg – Blessed is He Who Comes In The Name of The Lord

Podcast – Blessed is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord – Greg Cumming

A Sukkah


Jacob’s Sukkah

Etrog – Beautiful Trees

Lulav – Palm Trees

Hadass (Myrtle Tree) –  Leafy Trees

Arava (Willow Tree) – Willows of the Brook

The 4 Species

Willow Tree from Motza

Circling the Altar – Hakafot

Herod’s Temple – At the time of Jesus

Jerusalem during Sukkot

Jerusalem during Sukkot today

The Offerings

The Siloam Pool

Filling the Jug from Siloam Pool

Passing the Jug

Jugs for pouring water on Sukkot

Transferring the drawn water to the offering utensil

Back at the Water Gate

The 3 Commands – willow branches, the Three trumpet blasts and the water offering (simultaneously with the daily wine offering)

The Temple Lighting Ceremony – Simchat Beit HaSho’ayva – Rejoicing of the House of (Water) Drawing

The King’s Sukkah – to read the Torah aloud. Hak’hel ceremony every seven years.

Hak’hel Ceremony – King Agrippa performed this ceremony.

Men and women watching the hak’hel Ceremony – the King of Israel is reading aloud from the Torah

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